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You decide your own happiness

Decisions decisions decisions.  Feeling happy or Feeling sad? The decision lies with ourselves.  Many a times, we just need to pick ourselves up and move on.  Carve out your own way and you’ll find happiness eventually(Gosh ‘m sounding like some life coach or wat).  And Yes I made the decision to invert the first picture on purpose.

OUTSTANDING performance from Juliet Pang and Did Mudigdo on the night.  And Juliet, it’s nice to see you again after all these while.  All the Best to your upcoming album.

Slingers vs Slammers @ ABL 2010 Season

This was the second time that i shot the Slingers, thanks to Jason for letting me have this opportunity this time.  {Happy Birthday to you Jason! }  The match was close with the lead changing a couple of times which i’m glad that the Slingers eventually won with a final score of 87 vs 81 against the  Slammers.  The ABL is still pretty much in its infancy stage and sometimes it’s disheartening to see that much of the stadium is empty.  The standard of the basketball played is actually quite good. I do  hope more people will get to know the league  over time and come support the local team.

It also happened that that day was Halloween, and the Best Dress crowd walked away with a Macbook.  Damm, I should have worn my Freddy Kruger outfit there.


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Shih Ying-Ying 史茵茵 @ Crazyworld Cafe

It was an impressive performance.  Equally fluent in both english and chinese, she’s someone to look out for in the music scene.  Her jazz numbers are very good, considering for someone coming from mandarin speaking Taiwan. I guess that it helps a little when you’re a Havard graduate. Find out more about her from her facebook page here.

This was the second time that I was shooting at CrazyWorld Cafe and I was thinking in my mind what other possible ways that I could shoot a performance in such a close setting.  How could I approach it differently?  Usually you would like to get as close as possible to the artiste.  Well, you don’t really have to be always that close.  Move around and you might find some interesting angles and perspectives.  I walked out of the cafe, cross the street and took the first photo below.

Thanks to Edgar and Florence for letting me to have this opportunity to shoot such a wonderful performance.


Edgar - October 30, 2010 - 5:23 am

Brilliant captures, I LOVE the shots taken outside looking in.

Thanks for dropping by George, we appreciate what you did a lot 😀

sj - November 1, 2010 - 12:18 am

Loving it. Sensational shot through an unique angle. totally nice!

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